3 Things You Should Know About The Cost Of A Funeral And Burial Services

A funeral provides families with the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one and to say goodbye. It takes an emotional and physical toll on a family when a loved one dies. Funeral home services help you to get to the next step in the grieving process. However, you also have to focus on who is going to pay for the service.The cost of a funeral is expensive when you do not have life insurance. Read on to find out what expenses are involved to bury a loved one.

The Funeral Home

It is common to call a funeral home when they find out a loved one has died. The director is sent to your home to come transport the body back to the funeral home. A meeting is than schedule with you to help with planning the service.

The director provides your family with a number of services that makes the planning easier. The average cost of a traditional funeral is $6,600, which includes a metal casket and embalming. A breakdown of these services include the ceremony, viewing, casket, director's fee, hearse, obituary and death certificate.

The Cost of the Cemetery

A traditional service is usually followed by a burial service at a cemetery. You will spend around an extra $3,000 for services and goods at the cemetery. A breakdown of these services include a liner, vault, gravesite and digging the grave. Most families are surprised that the purchase of the gravesite does not include digging the grave. It helps to know up front what you need to pay to prevent any surprises.

Headstone Or Grave Marker

The cost of the headstone is easily forgotten because it comes at the end of the burial service. When you bury someone in a cemetery, you have to buy a grave marker or headstone. It is a separate cost that is paid to the gravestone maker.

A headstone is usually two pieces of flat granite rock. It sits on top of the grave site. A grave marker is a flat bronze plaque or granite that lays on the ground at the top of the grave. A marker is usually cheaper than a headstone.

Most families are surprised when they calculate all of the expenses related to having a funeral. It is possible to lower the cost. A little knowledge and planning can significantly decrease your out-pocket-expenses.

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