Three Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

While a highly emotional experience, a divorce requires focus. There are a number of mistakes you can make along the way that won't just hinder the actual divorce process, but your life going forward. Here are just a few of the mistakes you want to be sure you avoid.

Serving Papers On Your Own

For some, divorce is a time of intense hurt and anger. For this reason, some people want to experience the pleasure of serving their partner with the divorce papers on their own – don't do it. While it might make you feel better, you will only prolong the divorce.

The reason for this is that most municipalities do not allow a spouse to serve another spouse. If an individual is not served correctly, the court will not honor this notification and will basically require that you start the filing process over. It's best to contact a professional process server and allow them to complete this step.  

Moving Assets

When it comes to shared accounts or assets, be especially careful how you are moving things around. This is true in the period just before you file your paperwork and especially important after the request for divorce has been filed. For example, if you and your partner have a large sum of money in a savings account, don't withdraw what you consider to be your portion.

It's best to speak with your attorney first so that your attorney can discuss your wishes with your spouse. Should your spouse not oblige your request and you remove the money anyway, the court could perceive this as stealing. Even if your intentions are not bad.

Agreeing Too Quickly

Divorce is often a long-term process. Consequently, by the time the papers have been filed, most people want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. Don't let your desire for hastiness cause you to agree on something too quickly. Don't accept any agreement that looks good on the surface without investigating.

Take an alimony agreement, for instance. Your spouse might offer an amount that seems satisfactory, but if you have not yet had the opportunity to go over your expenses with a fine-tooth comb, you really don't know if the amount is satisfactory. Take your time before agreeing to anything.

From a process server to a skilled attorney, make sure you are relying on the expertise of professionals to help you avoid these and other mistakes and to help ensure a more successful outcome. Contact a company like In Focus Investigations for more information.     

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